Chris is a Chinese American from Canada living in Chicago.

chris @ christopherhowe .com

“I managed to find stacks of his ink paintings, unmarked and untitled, leaning against the wall upstairs. I was stunned both that I had missed them and at how perfectly they were wrought. Thick, loose black strokes surround amorphous, pastel shapes. Abstract Expressionism, slightly subdued, is combined with ink strokes and lines that mature the work far beyond the ceramics the artist created two years prior. Howe is definitely on to something. I went back to look again and again, making trips up and down the stairs to find vestiges of his early ceramic work in the paintings. They are so humble in their approach that they remained untagged, each piece hiding the other, practically tucked away. Howe has spent the majority of his life in America and has actually pursued the reverse commute, traveling to Beijing to further his study in ceramics.”

— D’lynne Plummer
Arts Editor Magazine